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The Curriculum and Qualifications

We have developed a unique, extensive, and ambitious curriculum to support our students in having a bright future. As our students change, so does our curriculum, but there are three core values that underpin it at all times:

Please click on each subject/timetabled intervention for more details about their curriculum and provision:

Subject/Timetabled Interventions Key Stages Qualifications Offered
English KS3 - KS4 English Literature GCSE 9-1, English Language GCSE 9-1, Functional Skills Level 1, Entry Level 1-3
Maths KS3 - KS4 GCSE 9-1, Functional Skills, Entry Level 1-3
Science KS3 - KS5 Cambridge Technical Level 3, Cambridge Technical Level 2, Entry Level
Art KS3 - KS5 A-Level, GCSE 9-1, Arts Award (Discover-Gold)
Citizenship KS3^ - KS4 GCSE 9 - 1
Community Skills KS3 - KS5 N/a
Computing KS3 - KS4 GCSE 9 - 1, Entry Level
Craft KS3 - KS5 Arts Award (Discover-Gold)
Creative Media KS3 - KS5^^ BTEC Level 1
Drama KS3 - KS5 BTEC Level 1, Arts Award Bronze
EHCP Interventions KS3 - KS5 N/A
Engineering KS4/5^^^ Crest Awards, Cambridge Nationals Level 1-2
Food Technology KS3 - KS5 GCSE, BTEC Level 1
Future Skills KS3 - KS5 ASDAN Employability
Horticulture KS3 - KS5 BTEC Level 1, ASDAN
Geography, History and RE KS3 N/A
Music KS3 - KS5 Arts Award (Discover-Gold)
PE KS3 - KS5 BTEC Level 1, ASDAN
Personal and Social Effectiveness KS4/5^^ ASDAN
Wellbeing KS3 - KS5 N/A

*At Lighthouse we deliver the secondary curriculum. Where a student has gaps in learning or is not currently working at a secondary level, we will modify the secondary curriculum so it is pitched at an appropriate level for the student.

^- integrated into RSHE in KS3

^^- available as an Option subject in KS4 and KS5

^^^- integrated into Science in KS3

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