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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In line with government guidance, Lighthouse School is currently open for all students.

Below is the school’s risk assessment, which has been quality-assured by our external Insurance and Liability provider and approved by the school’s governing body:

Risk Assessment - Infection Control

In the event of a school closure due to a localised outbreak of Covid-19 (and in agreement with Public Health England), Lighthouse School will continue to provide on-site face to face learning for those who are identified as vulnerable and off-site virtual learning for all students. We will also ensure that wellbeing and safeguarding support is available to all students as part of our ongoing blended learning programme.

Below is our Remote Learning Information:

Remote Learning Provision - Information for Parents

The school has invested a significant amount in laptops, iPads, and individual student resources to minimise the need for sharing equipment in school and to ensure that all students are able to engage remotely if needed.

We have returned to a normal school timetable. Students are on a two week timetable with 5 lessons and registration time each day. The full curriculum is being covered, within the confines of the school Risk Assessment.

In line with government guidance we have engaged in on-site Lateral Flow Testing for students and staff where active consent has been given. Staff and students are encouraged to take two Lateral Flow Tests at home each week and self-testing kits have been issued. This is being used as one of a range of measures in place within the risk assessment to support on-site learning, where “Hands, Face, Space” is the crucial message. Instructions on self-testing, including a video, can be found here:

Covid 19 Self Test Instruction

The provision established reflects the expectations outlined in the latest government guidance. The Executive Leadership Team are constantly monitoring the latest guidance and local information to ensure that Lighthouse School’s provision reflects the best practice. If any aspects of the provision changes, Lighthouse School will inform all stakeholders at the earliest possible moment.

Below is our privacy notice for Covid 19:

Privacy Notice Covid-19