Lighthouse School, inspiring bright futures

The Four Cornerstones


At Lighthouse we focus on building emotional and social wellbeing in order to raise your child’s self-esteem and promote positive behaviours for learning. As a school we are always building our “tool kit” of strategies to enable us to be highly emotionally responsive to our students. Wellbeing provision for Lighthouse includes:

The Wellbeing curriculum consists of three key components: Emotional Literacy, SRE (Sex and Relationship Education), and MindMates (mental health support).

Speech and Language (SaLT)

At Lighthouse we have a dedicated Speech & Language team enabling us to provide and target all levels of communication; from those students who arrive with significant general language delay and might require alternative forms of communication; to those students who have left primary education with strong language skills but still need support.

All students have access to small group and 1:1 intervention as required, but we pride ourselves in recognising each student’s individual needs. Our students receive a bespoke programme, which is implemented throughout the school day and beyond.

Experience and Skills (Employment/Life)

As a destination-led school, we are focused on setting our students up for their next step in life after their time in school. This may be semi-assisted living, employment, or further education. We teach Employability as a discrete subject to all students, as well as incorporating the teaching of business soft skills into other curriculum subjects. All students receive careers advice and a bespoke timetable that helps them achieve their goals. We utilise our exceptional links with industry to give students access to appropriate work experience with support from highly trained staff.

The teaching of daily living skills such as washing, ironing, cooking, personal hygiene, shopping, travelling, and using phones, plays a vital part in our school day. Parents are also provided with guidance so that they can support their children with the development of these important life skills.


Our curriculum underpins the high aspirations we have for all our students. The enriching curriculum is designed around the needs of each student.