Lighthouse School, inspiring bright futures

Inspiring Bright Futures

Welcome to Lighthouse School Leeds.

Welcome to our inspirational school that is delivering a unique, quality and individualised High School education to autistic students.

Lighthouse School came about through five families with children on the autistic spectrum who had identified a great demand for a school that specifically met the needs of students on the autistic spectrum. Our vision was to create a school where students can thrive, where their needs are fully understood and met, where learning is individualised and aligned to their destination, and where the environment supports their specific learning styles. We want to enable our students to develop independence, a true sense of their own self-worth and the capacity to contribute to society and live a full and happy life.

The Government’s Free School Programme gave us the ideal vehicle to turn the vision into reality and we were fortunate to be the first Special Free School in the country to open its doors in September 2012.

Since then the school continues to grow and flourish and is part of the Local Offer with the Local Authority. In 2022 we have approximately 84 students.

The school aspires to be the best ASC school in the country! We hope you will join us on the journey.

“By holding the highest of ambitions for our children (even if they cannot see it for themselves), we shine a light on their potential to lead the brightest of futures.”

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Friday 1st of July 2022

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Platinum Jubilee Extra Day

Monday 4th of July 2022

Extra day for the Platinum Jubilee. School closed to all

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