Supporters of Lighthouse School

We are very grateful for the support of the wider community and in particularly to the organisations stated below who have assisted in making Lighthouse a truly destination led school. We recognise that without this support our students would not have access to an enhanced curriculum which aids each student to have the brightest of futures.

The Foyle Foundation

The Foyle Foundation provided grant funding of £20,000 for the purchase of essential IT equipment for our students to use to enhance their creative education.

The Foyle Foundation

Sir George Martin Trust

Sir George Martin Trust donated £2,000 for our Life Skills Room

Sir George Martin Trust Website

DM Thomas Foundation for Young People

A message from DM Thomas Foundation who donated £9,999 for our Immersive Room: “DM Thomas Foundation for Young People is committed to transforming young lives. It does this by partnering with and funding special youth projects across the UK and Europe, with funds raised by the voluntary efforts of committed supporters. The Immersive room was chosen by the Foundation’s Grants Committee as a project to fund because it showed a unique and cost-effective approach to introducing different working environments to young people on the autistic spectrum, to familiarise them with these different environments as part of their employability and independence training and support. The Foundation has a special focus on supporting children and young people with disabilities and supporting training and routes to employment”.

DM Thomas Website

Lord’s Taverners

Lord’s Taverners donated funds for the purchase of our School Minibus

Lord’s Taverners Website

Wooden Spoon

Wooden Spoon donated £30,000 for our fantastic outdoor play equipment.

Wooden Spoon Website

The Arts Society Leeds

The Arts Society donated £750 to the school for art material.

Jimbo’s Fund

Jimbo’s Fund donated £7,650 to fund student residentials and £12,000 for Classroom Whiteboards

Comedy relief

The Red Nose Day charity donated £1,000


Wades donated £2,500 to fund student residentials

Yorkshire Building Society

Yorkshire Buidling Society donated £381 to fund a fibre optic carpet in our sensory room

Metcalfe Smith Trust

Metcalfe Smith Trust donated £1,000 to fund student residentials

Hedley Foundation

Hedley Foundation donated £2,000 to fund student residentials

Yorhub 4

Yorhub 4 donated £10,000 for our Immersive Room

Barbara Shuttleworth

Babara Shuttleworth donated £500 to fund student residentials

Brelms Trust

Brelms Trust donated £1,500 to fund our sensory room

Bernard Sunley Fund

Bernard Sunley Fund donated £2,000 for the school minibus

Skipton Building Society

Skipton Building Society donated £2,000 to fund sensory room equipment

Liz & Terry Bramall Trust

Liz & Terry Bramall Trust donated funds towards our sensory room

Garfield Weston Foundation

Garfield Weston Foundation donated £3,000 for Classroom Whiteboards

Rank Foundation

Rank Foundation donated £2.000

Radio Aire Cash 4 Kids

Radio Aire Cash 4 Kids donated £800 to fund the sensory room

Boshier Hinton Foundation

Boshier Hinton Foundation donated £3,000 to fund summer holiday activities

Jessie’s Fund

Jessie’s Fund donated £1,200 to fund musical instruments

Act Foundation

Act Foundation donated £2,000 for the school minibus