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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In line with government guidance, Lighthouse School is open for all children.

Below is the school’s risk assessment, which has been quality-assured by our external Insurance and Liability provider and approved by the school’s governing body:

Covid 19 Risk Assessment November 2020

In addition, Lighthouse School continues to provide virtual learning, together with wellbeing and safeguarding support, remotely to all students.

Lighthouse School will be operating in two separate bubbles – with one of the bubbles split into two pods. Rooms, resources, and support staff will be allocated to each bubble, with a rotation of specialised equipment in place to ensure all students have access to what Lighthouse School can offer. The timetable has been modified to significantly reduce the need for student movement around school, with students largely based in an allocated classroom, with allocated workspaces. The school has invested a significant amount in laptops, iPads, and individual student resources to minimise the need for sharing of equipment. A clear cleaning regiment (both of equipment, common areas of touch, and hands) is in place.

As we all return to in-school education, the school will initially focus on supporting students with their transition. A recovery curriculum will be instituted to help compensate for any loss of learning during lockdown. This is not just academic learning, but also the students’ social, emotional, and communication skills.

The provision established reflects – and even exceeds - the expectations outlined in the latest government guidance. The Executive Leadership Team are constantly monitoring the latest guidance and local information to ensure that Lighthouse School’s provision reflects the best practice. If any aspects of the provision changes, Lighthouse School will inform all stakeholders at the earliest possible moment.