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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In line with Government Guidance for vulnerable students, Lighthouse School is open for children of keyworkers and a small number of identified children every weekday 9:30am - 2:30pm.

Coronavirus Risk Assessment

In addition, Lighthouse School continues to provide virtual learning, together with wellbeing and safeguarding support, remotely to all students.

Home Learning Menu

As part of our virtual school provision, we are providing students with daily home learning activities. This is shared via Daily Home Learning Menus, however, we are transitioning to using Microsoft Teams. This includes learning activities from a wide range of subjects - including SaLT, Independent Living Skills and Wellbeing. Students will receive different learning activities based on their group.

Although we recommend that students choose five learning activities to complete a day, this is not compulsory. The learning activities are being provided to offer some structure and focus to families, while supporting students achieve their learning goals remotely. We do not want to cause any stress or anxiety in this difficult time. We are happy for families to use the learning activities as they see fit. Some are completing all of the learning activities, while others are choosing only one or two.

In order to maximise engagement in the learning activities, we are offering tailored versions for individual students. This may involve including more ILS activities, more exam revision work, or fitting the activities around a student’s special interest.

We are also providing support for families so students can work towards their EHCP objectives in the home environment. This includes creating bespoke resources, facilitating virtual peer interactions, and providing additional EHCP work alongside the learning activities.

We are regularly quality-assuring and evaluating our Virtual School provision. Any feedback would be much appreciated.